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Episode 001

In this episode, Meg Cowan talks about life running her business and trying to make a difference in the world and how it wasn’t always that way. After dealing with a diagnosis of chronic pain and fibromyalgia for nearly ten years, a change in thinking was key to unlocking an entirely more hopeful future.

Episode 002

David Hayward, otherwise known as the Naked Pastor, was an ordained minister for more than 20 years. During that time he began a very personal and public journey through changing his mind and now leads an online community for people examining and exploring spiritual independence.

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Episode 003

For Nick Roach, a career-ending injury opened doors to exploring and designing a life with intention. In this episode, Nick shares his journey to the NFL and how he navigated through recovery to determine what life might look like next.
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Episode 004

Catherine Sylvester, From Control to Confidence

Catherine Sylvester is an award winning radio announcer, actress and TV presenter. Her story of transformation from alcohol addiction and other substitutions is really a story of finding an inner confidence that matches the outer. You can find Catherine at www.catherinesylvester.co.nz and on Instagram @_catherinesylvester_

Episode 005

Jeff Crabtree is a musician, writer, producer and all-round creative force. His work in the areas of creativity, living with a creative mind and the creative workforce sees him in high demand as a speaker and consultant around the world. In this bumper episode, we talk about transformation both as creative product and process in the lives of creative people. A thoroughly special conversation with one of my favourite guests. You can connect with Jeff through http://zebracollective.com and http://livingwithacreativemind.com.