About The Transformationist

Hi, I’m Tash McGill. 

Transformation is growth in a direction chosen by design.

The Transformationist is a podcast dedicated to real stories of transformation; the insights and actions that make it possible. These are the strategies, stories and experiences that can help you shape transformation in your own life – whether in your business, your relationships or your personal growth.


Who am I?

I’m a strategist, broadcaster and writer who works with people and organisations to solve problems and create transformation.

I believe people are the most important thing and that stories are a powerful way of changing the world. 

Tash McGill

Tash McGill

5 Star Reviews

"I’ve gained many nuggets that I can take back to my own journey of transformation, and have left each podcast with more than a few quotable moments!"

5 Star Reviews

"There have been some aspects that have resonated with my own experiences, other bits that have widened my perspective, and a couple of things that have been confronting and challenging."


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